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I'm an early retiree that now lives in Cuenca, Ecuador. I was an executive in Health Care Information Technology most of my career. My wife and I love to travel and have ventured all over the world. Now that we are retired, more adventures are on the horizon.

Chordeleg Ecuador, Exclusive Silver Shopping at its Best

Chordeleg Our half day trip to Chordeleg to do some silver jewelry shopping with our 2 out of town female friends was well worth it. Everyone left with some great buys. If you haven't heard of Chordeleg, it's a city that's a little over an hour outside of Cuenca ($2 bus ride) with a population [...]

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Ingapirca, A Visit to the Amazing Yet Powerful Past

Ingapirca Ingapirca (meaning "Inca Wall") is the largest and most well-known ruins of Ecuador. Only a couple hour drive from Cuenca, Ingapirca contains the history and culture of the Cañari and Inca's. Most people know of the Inca's and their conquests but this time, the Cañari weren't so easily defeated.  The Inca instead proposed a [...]

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Turi, High Atop, Unsurpassed View of Cuenca Ecuador

Turi If you're in Cuenca, then you can't help but notice the white church that sits south at the top of the mountain in the city of Turi. A trip to Turi is a popular one even though there's not a lot to do. Panoramic View A simple taxi ride to the top will cost [...]

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Pumapungo – Incan Archaeological Site in Cuenca Ecuador

Museum with Shrunken Heads Exhibit Most people in Cuenca know of the Pumapungo Museum as the museum with the shrunken heads.  But did you know that they have a "backyard"?   A backyard of an incredible archaeological site, a garden, and an aviary. The word Pumapungo means "Door of the Puma. " And, in the late [...]

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Aboriginal Culture – See Oustanding Works in Cuenca Ecuador

Aboriginal Culture Museum The Museum of Aboriginal Culture (Museo de las Culturas Aborigenes) boasts over 5,000 archaeological items. These artifacts are from the various indigenous people of Ecuador, spanning centuries. If you are like us when we travel we like unique experiences where we learn something. The sights in this museum will amaze you. The indigenous people [...]

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Santuario Church, Amazing, Actually in the Mountain, Ecuador

A Church Built in a Mountain The Santuario de la Virgen del Rocio Church in the city of Biblian is a beautiful church. Furthermore, it's built into the side of a mountain. We visited this church on our way to Ingapirca. Our driver said he wanted to show us something really cool and he took [...]

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Convent Museum, Life in a Monastery, Cuenca Ecuador

  Convent Museum The Convent Museum (Museo del Monasterio de las Conceptas) has a very non-descriptive entrance. Once you go through the doors, the size of the monastery is incredible, taking up almost an entire city block. The museum, founded in 1599, will enlighten you to the life and customs of the nuns in a [...]

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Panama Hat Factory (Authentic & Original) in Cuenca Ecuador

Panama Hat Did you know that the Panama Hat originated in Ecuador and not Panama? It originated in the mid-1600's. It wasn't until 1835 that Ecuador started shipping the hats worldwide and made a fortune. The hats became popular when the US President Theodor Rosevelt wore it during his visit to the building of the Panama [...]

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Orchid Farm, Flowers Both Beautiful and Rare, Cuenca Ecuador

The Orchid Farm The Orchid Farm (called Ecuagenera) is more than just a place to buy Orchids; it's a laboratory, gene bank, and education center. They are one of the worlds largest suppliers of Orchids with over 8,000 species of which over 4,200 come from Ecuador. This small farm participates in orchid shows and lectures around [...]

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Cuenca Zoo, Rare and Surprising Animal Haven in Ecuador

Cuenca Zoo The Cuenca Zoo or more precisely, the Amaru Zoologico Bioparque is a unique zoo that is both physically challenging but a most wonderful experience. Mountainside Zoo I've been to many zoos all over the US including the San Diego and Cincinnati but never to one that is set up like the Cuenca Zoo. This is [...]

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