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I'm an early retiree that now lives in Cuenca, Ecuador. I was an executive in Health Care Information Technology most of my career. My wife and I love to travel and have ventured all over the world. Now that we are retired, more adventures are on the horizon.

Ecuador Street Food, A Delightful First Experience

Ecuador street food is a staple for many Ecuadorians. I heard and read everything from "it's so good" to "don't ever eat it, it will make you sick."   There's no reason I haven't had any yet other than the opportunity never presented itself. I'm one that believes eating street food is fine, and I [...]

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Travel Gear – Top 7 Best to Feel Safe and Secure Anywhere

Secure travel gear for the expat or traveler is always evolving. I've done a lot of travel in my life and have used many of the newest and greatest travel gadgets. Being a techie, I pay particular attention to the detail of each. When all is said and done, I have a few of my [...]

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Doce de Abril Doce de Abril (or the 12th of April) is the holiday in Cuenca that celebrates the birth of the city. The Spanish settlement of Cuenca was founded on April 12, 1557. This year marks the 459th anniversary. The celebration occurs for a week that ends on the 12th. Lots of parades, fireworks, [...]

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House Concert Luxury With World Class Musiciains

Only in Cuenca can you have world class musicians play Vivaldi at your house concert party for a small donation of appreciation.   House Concert We went to a friends house who hosted one of these events, and it was fantastic. Led by Daniel Brito Acosta (Pianist), Violinist and a Cellist, the trio sounded magnificent. [...]

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Miguel Illescas Gallery, Metal at its Best, Cuenca Ecuador

Miguel Illescas Miguel Illescas Art Gallery had its grand opening last week which my wife and I attended. What a wonderful display of art. I have to say that we were a little biased since my art instructor, Alberto Soriano, was displaying some of his oil work. The artists were present along with many other [...]

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Ecuador Cedula, Very Important Residency Step

Cedula Getting our cedula was the next task after our residency visa to being permanent residents of Ecuador. The cedula is Ecuador's national Identification card. Above all, it was part of our resident visa package we paid our Ecuadorian lawyer to do for us. Day 1 We met our lawyer's assistant (who happens to be a [...]

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Getting an Ecuador visa for residency isn't hard, it just takes patience and time (and, of course, money). Our goal was to get our Visa's while still in the US. We hired a lawyer in Ecuador to help us with the process. Many people say you can do all of this yourself, but we didn't [...]

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Live Abroad, Now is the Time to Move – Try Cuenca Ecuador

Live Abroad If you haven’t guessed by now from the other blog posts, we live abroad in Cuenca Ecuador. We decided to start our retirement by moving to Ecuador. This post is going to describe what we did in preparation for the move. Since our goal was to get our residency visas while still in [...]

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Early Investing, So Easy to Retire Early and Live Abroad

To retire early requires early investing. Everyone should put 20% of their earnings into savings, IRA, or 401K. If you start this early enough, retiring in you 40's should be simple. I'll admit that I wasn't one of those people that saved when I was young. In fact, I didn't start saving until I was [...]

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Retire Early – Anyone Can – On Less Money Than You Think

There's no magic to be able to retire early. It's simply to have enough money to live the rest of your life in a lifestyle that will make you comfortable. I'm not a financial planner or any other sort money management expert. I'm simply a college educated man who followed a simple plan and retired [...]

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