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With a busy travel season ahead, wouldn't things be a lot easier if you had a checklist to go by, to make sure you aren't forgetting any important details before your big trip?
Tina and Keith Paul join me to discuss almost out of date passports, visas, immunizations, arranging transportation to your hotel, and more. Those things that can make your trip go from a pain in the neck to a dream. Which is all in their new book.
by  Drew Hannush

Today, Keith and Tina join the podcast to talk about why they decided to retire abroad in their mid-fifties, the qualities that a person needs to have to adapt well to retiring abroad, and the unique financial planning that makes their lifestyle both fun and sustainable in ways that would have never been possible had they stayed in California.
by Casey Weade

Cuenca commercial

Watch Keith & Tina in a TV commercial for Cuenca Ecuador

Anakonda river cruise

Watch Keith & Tina in a promotional video for Anakonda Amazon Cruises

Travel Matters Podcast

In this episode, we speak with Keith and Tina Paul from Retire Early And Travel. They did a session at TBEX 2019 about how they achieved 1 million site visitors in just 7 months.
by Rick Calvert

Lee Huffman interviews Keith and Tina about living in Cuenca Ecuador on We Travel There Podcast
by Lee Huffman

Podcasts and Video Interviews

tim leffel

Roger Whitney
Roger Witney interviews Keith & Tina on his show titled “Should You Retire Overseas”
by Roger Witney

in the press
Ann Nelson interviews Keith & Tina on this Podcast episode titled Dream Lifestyles can be Achieved if you Live Overseas
by Ann Nelson

retire early and travel
Listen to Keith & Tina talk about how to retire early on Rock Your Retirement – Part 1
by Kathe Kline

retire early and travel
Listen to Keith & Tina talk about how to retire early on Rock Your Retirement – Part 2
by Kathe Kline
Retire Early and Travel
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