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Innovative Mens Cruise Wear-My Exciting Find That’s Good For All Travel

What clothes should you pack for cruise wear when you're going to spend your vacation on a ship? There’s always the obvious like shorts, swimsuit, sandals, t-shirt. But those things won’t suffice for all activities. What are you going to wear if it’s a little too cold for shorts or to get you into a [...]

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AncestryDNA How I Discovered an Amazing New Family

AncestryDNA Do you ever wonder where you came from? I mean beyond the stories told to you by relatives. Do you wonder where your ancestors were living 500 years ago? I became very curious after my parents died. I was the youngest of four children. My siblings and I were going through our parent's house deciding [...]

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Top 10 Most Valuable Travel Apps to Use While On Your Trip

Travel apps can really enhance the experience and ease of travel.  These travel apps are the ones you use when you're on your trip, not for the pre-planning. There are tons of travel apps to help you find the best airfare or the best hotel. These apps represent the most useful when you walk [...]

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Learning a Foreign Language Made Easy when Living Abroad

Learning a Foreign Language One of the best ways of learning a foreign language is to go all in. Full immersion in a foreign country. But most people don’t know where to start when it comes to learning a foreign language. So they end up spending most of their time with other expats. And they [...]

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2017 Top 10 Ultimate Gadgets for the Traveler Gift Guide

We travel quite a bit and put all our travel gadgets in this gift guide to real-world tests. Usually, about 1/3 of them get replaced along the way because while they looked good in the ad, we find problems or challenges with using them in real life. Therefore our traveler gift guide contains tried and [...]

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Why Travelers Should Consider Airport Hotels

Airport Amenities As airport amenities inside the terminal have improved, so have the hotels on the outside. Airport hotels were once only places where business travelers would stay, however, now they are often 4-star and above establishments that are ideal for travelers who have early or late flights. On Retire Early and Travel we previously [...]

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Airport Layovers Have Never Been This Great

Dreaded Airport Layovers - Simple Solution I used to dread airport layovers. After all, who would like sitting in uncomfortable chairs, snacking on overpriced airport food while crowds of people move about? I never knew how simple a solution could be until I got access to the airport VIP lounges. Using the VIP lounges made [...]

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Expats, What They All do When Leaving the US, Shop

Expats Shopping in the USA What do all expats do when returning from a US visit... they shop. There is always something a person living abroad wants that they can't get in their new country of residence. Most likely it's some electronics, a food specialty item or clothes. Clothes seem to be what I always [...]

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