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Convent Museum, Life in a Monastery, Cuenca Ecuador

  Convent Museum The Convent Museum (Museo del Monasterio de las Conceptas) has a very non-descriptive entrance. Once you go through the doors, the size of the monastery is incredible, taking up almost an entire city block. The museum, founded in 1599, will enlighten you to the life and customs of the nuns in a [...]

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Doce de Abril Doce de Abril (or the 12th of April) is the holiday in Cuenca that celebrates the birth of the city. The Spanish settlement of Cuenca was founded on April 12, 1557. This year marks the 459th anniversary. The celebration occurs for a week that ends on the 12th. Lots of parades, fireworks, [...]

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Seven Chruch Visit in One Night, Popular in Cuenca Ecuador

Seven Church Tradition There is a tradition here in Cuenca and around the world in urban Catholic communities to do a seven church visit on the evening of Holy Thursday (the night before Good Friday). The history of this tradition is not clear. The pilgrimage to each church may correspond to the seven stations of [...]

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House Concert Luxury With World Class Musiciains

Only in Cuenca can you have world class musicians play Vivaldi at your house concert party for a small donation of appreciation.   House Concert We went to a friends house who hosted one of these events, and it was fantastic. Led by Daniel Brito Acosta (Pianist), Violinist and a Cellist, the trio sounded magnificent. [...]

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Miguel Illescas Gallery, Metal at its Best, Cuenca Ecuador

Miguel Illescas Miguel Illescas Art Gallery had its grand opening last week which my wife and I attended. What a wonderful display of art. I have to say that we were a little biased since my art instructor, Alberto Soriano, was displaying some of his oil work. The artists were present along with many other [...]

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Archeological Museum, University of Cuenca’s Ancient Relics

We found this archeological museum after we decided to check out the beautiful School of Medicine building on Dose de Abril near Solano Ave. The Cultural Unit of the University of Cuenca founded the museum in 1999. The museum has about 4,500 pieces but only a handful are displayed. They rotate the exhibits. Archeological Museum [...]

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Medical Museum, Creepy and Fascinating in Cuenca Ecuador

Medical Museum The Medical Museum (or more accurately, Museum of the History Society of Medicine) presents a history of medicine through a selection of old devices used over the years by doctors, surgeons, dentists, apothecaries and their patients. The entrance to this museum is off of Dose de Abril at the west end of Military [...]

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CIDAP Museum, World Textiles and More in Cuenca Ecuador

One of the great things about Cuenca is mostĀ of the cultural things there are to see and do are free. Today we visited the CIDAP Museum (Inter-American Center of Popular Arts), located on Tres de Novembre next to the Hermano Miguel stairs. Above all, admission is free. CIDAP Museum The museum is a remodeled Cuenca [...]

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