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Airbnb Host – Unlock This Powerful Side Hustle to Early Retirement

Airbnb Host Wouldn’t it be great if you had something that could help you get closer to an early retirement? Something that could help you make extra money to put away towards a life of financial independence? If you own a house or an apartment, you could become an Airbnb host and list out the [...]

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Top 7 Powerful Early Retirement Stratiegies

An early retirement can be a blessing or curse. If you bid adieu to your work without having enough savings for the upcoming days, you could be in for a bumpy ride. Many people are drowning with a debt burden even after retirement due to lack of savings. Some people stretch their work life to [...]

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House Hunters International – Filming in Cuenca Ecuador

Day One Day one of House Hunters International filming is here. HHI always starts with the couple arriving at a hotel. We needed to look as if we just checked in. Our first day began at Mansion Alcazar, a restored colonial Mansion, converted into a luxurious boutique hotel. We did have the option of staying [...]

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House Hunters International – Our Journey to Fame

House Hunters in Not What You Think When people hear that we were on House Hunters International, they always have a bunch of questions. The most common question is how did we get on the show. Followed by questions about the filming. After watching the episode of House Hunters International on HGTV, we realize a [...]

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Ecuador Cedula, Very Important Residency Step

Cedula Getting our cedula was the next task after our residency visa to being permanent residents of Ecuador. The cedula is Ecuador's national Identification card. Above all, it was part of our resident visa package we paid our Ecuadorian lawyer to do for us. Day 1 We met our lawyer's assistant (who happens to be a [...]

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Getting an Ecuador visa for residency isn't hard, it just takes patience and time (and, of course, money). Our goal was to get our Visa's while still in the US. We hired a lawyer in Ecuador to help us with the process. Many people say you can do all of this yourself, but we didn't [...]

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Live Abroad, Now is the Time to Move – Try Cuenca Ecuador

Live Abroad If you haven’t guessed by now from the other blog posts, we live abroad in Cuenca Ecuador. We decided to start our retirement by moving to Ecuador. This post is going to describe what we did in preparation for the move. Since our goal was to get our residency visas while still in [...]

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