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Experience Irelands Ancient East, Road Trip Itinerary Day 2

Irelands Ancient East As we continue our exploration through Irelands Ancient East, we realize it is not just a place. But instead a place with people and their stories. The story started more than 5000 years ago, and like many stories, It’s about hope and love. Traveling through Irelands Ancient East you not only relive [...]

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Experience Irelands Ancient East, Road Trip Itinerary Day 1

Today we begin our exploration through Irelands Ancient East.  Irelands Ancient East contains lush landscapes and charming villages, bordered by the River Shannon and the Irish Sea. On your journey today you will learn of legendary tales and experience the romance of ancient life. We visit places that saw Viking invaders, Norman knights, and high [...]

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Enjoy the Romance of Ireland’s Exclusive Castles and Manor Houses

Castles and Manor Houses When you think of Ireland, do you have romantic visions of manor houses and castles, steeped in history surrounded by lush green lands? In our minds that was our vision of Ireland. When we first decide to go to Ireland, we agreed that we were going to immerse ourselves in the [...]

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Nova Scotia Wineries – Fantastic Wines Not to Be Missed

When you think of visiting wineries, I bet you don’t think of Nova Scotia wineries. But, I bet you do imagine traveling down country roads that meander through beautiful valleys, arriving at properties with stunning views. You probably also imagine visiting lovely and unique tasting rooms surrounded by lush vineyards. Well, I can tell you [...]

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Campobello Island – Where You Can Enjoy Tea with Eleanor

Campobello Island Campobello Island, New Brunswick has no road connection to mainland Canada, but there is a bridge to Northeast Maine. The island is home to the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. As a child, Franklin D. Roosevelt spent many summers exploring this island. In 1909, Eleanor’s mother purchased a cottage and gave it to her [...]

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Rent a Lighthouse on a Private Island for a Unique Adventure

Rent a Lighthouse Have you ever thought to rent a lighthouse on a private island instead of the typical hotel? Well, you can do just that in beautiful Maine. On our Maine adventure, we were fortunate enough to get a private tour of the Little River Lighthouse in Cutler Maine. Due to its private 15-acre [...]

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The Best Prince Edward Island Attraction – Fun with Falcons

When you think of a Prince Edward Island attraction, I bet you never thought of Falconry. But Falconry is alive and well at Island Falconry Services. Working with the birds was by far one of the best things we did during our time in PEI. Learning about these magnificent creatures as well as handling them [...]

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Boston – The 11 Best Things For You To See And Do In The City

Boston is an amazing city! This was our first time in this fun city. Whether you are visiting Boston for a week or a weekend, we have eleven things we think you must see. Boston is after all one of the oldest cities in the United States, so there is a lot of history here. [...]

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Prince Edward Island 9 Top Things You Need to See and Do

Prince Edward Island Visiting Prince Edward Island is something Keith and I have dreamed of doing. Why visit PEI you may say? Visiting PEI feels like a step back in time. Prince Edward Island is small and dotted with charming close-knit communities that seem to move at a slower pace. The entire island has less [...]

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Playa Del Carmen Shopping on the Fabulous 5th Avenue

Playa Del Carmen shopping on 5th Avenue has something for everyone. For some, it is just not a vacation if there is not shopping. Sure Playa del Carmen offers the vacationer a lot sun, water sports and nightlife not to mention cool activities like swimming with Sea Turtles or visiting Cenotes but what about those [...]

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