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Dusseldorf Germany 7 Things You Will Enjoy When You Visit

Dusseldorf Germany is an international city for shopping, dining, and art. Everyone wants to “see and be seen” on the chic shopping street Königsallee. In the restaurants of Dusseldorf, you will discover contemporary culinary trends and exquisite tastes both local and international. The art and museum scene rivals many higher-profile cities. Dusseldorf on the banks [...]

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Media Harbor Dusseldorf – 5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Visit Now

When you first think of a vacation in Germany, Media Harbor Düsseldorf is probably not your first thought. However, Dusseldorf on the banks of the Rhine River in western Germany is a contemporary, lively, and booming destination. Dusseldorf is an international city for shopping, dining, art, and people watching. When Dusseldorf decided to renovate its [...]

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Indias Culture will Make You Want to Visit

India’s culture was like nothing we had experienced before. India is a country with many diverse customs, and any visitor traveling to India will be overwhelmed but also wowed. India is full of color, unique scents, and many sounds. It has diverse cultures, monuments, landscapes and places to explore. It is a land of surprises, [...]

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Photos of the Beautiful Colors and Wonderful Faces of India

India is like no other place we have traveled. We traveled from Delhi to Jaipur to Agar and many smaller villages in between. It has the ability to overload the senses. India has intense colors, smells, tastes, and sounds. Many people live and work very close together in India, harmoniously. The beautiful faces of India [...]

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Experience Indias Golden Triangle for the First Time

A trip to India will be a trip like no other, and most people want to visit the sites of the Golden Triangle.  The Golden Triangle consists of three cities, Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. They call it the Golden Triangle because of the triangular shape formed by the three cities on a map. Delhi is [...]

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Eurail – What You Need to Know Before Traveling Europe

Riding a train through Europe with Eurail is something we always wanted to do. However, as we got older, we thought that Eurail was mostly for backpackers. Many backpackers use the Eurail system because it is so cost effective. After traveling through Europe for 42 days, we are here to say that just about anyone [...]

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5 Unusual Things You Can Actually Do in Vienna

Vienna, the city of Baroque streetscapes, home of coffeehouse culture, and imperial palaces is a must see European city destination. With its unique charm and vibrant flair, this capital city has an unhurried feel, unusual for large European capital cities. Vienna is a dream city for anyone who is a romantic or has an interest [...]

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Hotel Bristol Vienna, Experience the Luxurious Past Now

Staying at the Hotel Bristol is part of an amazing vacation in Vienna Austria. If you are like us, hotels are not simply a place to sleep and shower; they are a big part of our travel experience. We like feeling special and comfortable when staying at a hotel. We like to immerse ourselves in [...]

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Zagorje Croatia, a Super Romantic Place to See in the World

For a beautiful day trip from Zagreb, take a drive northwards about an hour to the Zagorje region of Croatia. The area is full of rolling hills and vineyards, small quaint homes, medieval burgs, and castles. The best sights to see in this area are the city of Varaždin and Trakošćan castle. As you probably [...]

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A Spotlight on Croatia’s Amazing Northern Istria Coast

We recently traveled from Zagreb to the northern part of Croatia’s Istria peninsula and visited some lesser-known cities. We visited Trsat, Rijeka, Lovran, and Opatija. This one-day trip was spectacular and was possible because we took a private tour with Zico tours. Region of Trsat Our first stop in Istria was in Trsat which is [...]

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