5 Amazing Reasons To Travel With Your Retirement Savings

You have worked hard throughout your life and have accumulated a sufficient amount of retirement savings to make your golden years extra special; the question you need to ask yourself is: how am I going to spend my money? Instead of accumulating unnecessary possessions, you should treat yourself to a relaxing holiday where you can unwind and also try your hand at some new activities. If you think you’re too old for travel, you’re mistaken; the average retirement age in the UK is 65, meaning you have plenty of time for some incredible adventures and holiday escapades.

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1. You Can Create New Memories

If happiness is your end goal, studies suggest that you’re unlikely to acquire it from spending your retirement savings on material possessions; instead, people are happier when planning a travel experience. If you want a truly fulfilling and happy retirement, you should invest in memories instead of material possessions. Free from the burden of work, you can focus on appreciating life and all its beauty by visiting as many amazing countries as possible. Take plenty of photos during your trip, so you can remember your holiday fondly and tell your grandchildren of your many travel adventures. If you want to do something special with your family, you don’t need to travel alone, and you can use your retirement savings to purchase plane tickets for your children and grandchildren; this will be a great Christmas present, and it will also allow you all to make amazing memories together.

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2. A Chance to Try Something New

For years, you’ve been stuck in the same monotonous work routine, developing a rigid schedule that you have to adhere to each day. Use your retirement savings to break the mold and try a completely new experience. Think about that thing you’ve been putting off and throw yourself into something new when you’re on your travels. It might be something as simple as trying genuine New York cheesecake, or as wild as doing a skydive; it could even be a long-term project like finally getting that novel written. Whatever it is, retirement is the time to finally do it.


3. You Can Travel Anywhere

You might think that traveling has to be an elaborate experience, packed with numerous exotic trips and lavish hotels, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Your travel experience is exactly what you make of it, and you should use your retirement savings on a trip that you’ll actually enjoy.

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You don’t even need to go abroad, as the UK is a great holiday destination; just ask the nearly 42 million tourists who visited the UK in 2018. You might only travel a few miles away, but there’s guaranteed to be a hidden gem of a holiday destination in the UK that will become a firm favorite.


4. Time to Focus on Yourself

By retirement age, your children will have grown up and flocked the nest, giving you the chance to finally focus on your own wants and desires. Even if you don’t have children, you’ll have dedicated a large portion of your energy to pleasing your boss and adjusting your home life to accommodate work. Traveling during retirement frees you of these work and home life ties, allowing you to fully relax without worrying about other people for a change. You can sip on cocktails guilt-free, and you can even choose to extend your trip if you’re having a particularly good time. You’ll come back feeling relaxed, with an inner sense of calm and fulfillment.

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5. It’s Good For Your Health

Sitting around at home watching the days slip by is a waste of your retirement years. This inactive lifestyle is also bad for your health and can lead to some more serious complications later in life. Instead, you should use your retirement savings to invest in an active holiday that gets you off your feet and immerses you in the beauty of nature. If you’re looking for a challenge, grab your hiking boots and hike one of the many mountainous peaks in Asia. If you want an active holiday that’s a little closer to home, there are some stunning natural landmarks to explore in the UK; Snowdonia and the Lake District are just two amazing hiking destinations.

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Travel is a Great Way to Spend Your Retirement Saving

Retirement is a great time for travel. By seeing and experiencing new places, you will create wonderful memories that you can share with friends and family. Plus its a time to experience things you have dreamed of. In addition, traveling in retirement years can be relaxing since you only need to adhere to your own schedule. Lastly, travel means you will be out and about seeing and doing which, is good for your health.

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  1. This is a great post, I agree with everything. Travel is such a great experience, it’s worth investing in! Is it wrong that I borrowed from my retirement savings to travel and I’m not close to retirement yet? I love your perspective, thanks for putting this together.

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