Why Travelers Should Consider Airport Hotels

airport hotels


Airport Amenities

As airport amenities inside the terminal have improved, so have the hotels on the outside. Airport hotels were once only places where business travelers would stay.  However, now these hotels are often 4-star and above establishments that are ideal for travelers who have early or late flights. On Retire Early and Travel we previously looked at how airport layovers are no longer tedious.  Now there are places like VIP lounges. In this post, we will look at how airport hotels are now viable places to stay.

Travel experts Campus Travel wrote that airport hotels have evolved over the past decade to become a “luxurious, resort-style havens.” The travel site notes that most of the new hotels are located within the airport’s boundaries and the majority are 5-star properties.

Airport hotels are becoming more attractive to travelers, especially those with busy schedules.  They help the stress out of air travel. With increased security checks and waiting times during connecting flights, passengers are now looking for a place to relax without going too far from the airport. Modern hotels have lobby business centers able to print boarding passes.  They also offer assistance on departing flights.

airport hotels

Airport Hotel Convenience

One such airport hotel that is extremely convenient for travelers while also offering luxury is the Hilton at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. In Yahoo’s list of the best US airport hotels, they state that the hotel is opposite the entrance of Terminal 2. This is great for visitors to Chicago as the weather can ‘wreak havoc’ with airline schedules. The hotel doesn’t skimp on amenities either with an indoor pool, hot tub, and steam room.

At the extreme end of the luxury scale, is the Crowne Plaza at Changi Airport, Singapore. Travel Weekly reported that both the airport and the hotel were voted the best in their respective categories at the annual Skytrax awards. The hotel offers views over the runway as well as restaurants with menus designed by some of Singapore’s best chefs. Instead of spending one night waiting for your flight you may wish you were spending your whole vacation there.

Departing Travelers

It is not just visitors who should consider using these types of hotels.  Travelers departing from their respective countries should consider airport hotels. For example, those departing from London’s main hub Heathrow have options that offer a place to stay and include parking. Parking4Less who provide parking services at Heathrow created a list of hotels. The list including two on-airport hotels Premier Inn and Park Inn as well as a number of off-airport hotels offer airport parking as part of a package. The hotels will also provide 24-hour check-in/out service. Ideal for travelers who want to arrive at the airport on time giving themselves time to relax before their flight.

The next time you have an early or late flight and don’t want to rush consider hotels near the airport. You will find they are comparable to the hotels in the city.

This article was contributed by guest blogger Brandon Williams

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airport hotels

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    1. We agree. Being close to the airport takes the stress off of traveling to the airport. Might hit traffic and miss your flight.

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