ingapircaIngapirca (meaning “Inca Wall”) is the largest and most well know ruins of Ecuador.  Only a couple hour drive from Cuenca, Ingapirca contains the history and culture of the Cañari and Inca’s.  Most people know of the Inca’s and their conquests but this time, the Cañari weren’t so easily defeated.  The Inca instead proposed a political alliance.


Harmonious Living

Both cultures respected each other and lived harmoniously as the Inca’s worshiped the sun, and the Cañari worshiped the moon.  At the site, you’ll see not only the sun temple of the Incas but the half moon temple of the Cañari.  Interestingly, it was easy to see the differences in building techniques.   The Cañari used rough cut stones and mortar where the Inca’s used no mortar and precisely fitting stones to build walls.



Llamas and more llamas

Also on the site, you’ll find a very complex underground aqueduct system that carried water to the entire site.  On the property, there are Llamas, which are free to roam portions of the property.

inga 4Although there is some signage in English, we found it invaluable to go there with an experienced guide.  Remember that Ingapirca is located at 10,200 feet elevation so between the altitude and the winds, it can be cold.  In the main building, you’ll find a small gift shop and bathrooms.

ingapircaFace on the Mountain

If you’re up for a little bit of a walk, go down the road to see the famous Inca face on the side of the mountain.  You might also run into some very interesting locals.

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