About Tina

Tina has been a public school teacher, a book dealer and most recently a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor. She combines her passions for learning, adventure and people in this blog. She was the author of two newspaper columns on health in CA. Now she is an young retiree living in Cuenca Ecuador fulfilling one her dreams which was to live in another country.

Prince Edward Island 9 Top Things You Need to See and Do

Prince Edward Island Visiting Prince Edward Island is something Keith and I have dreamed of doing. Why visit PEI you may say? Visiting PEI feels like a step back in time. Prince Edward Island is small and dotted with charming close-knit communities that seem to move at a slower pace. The entire island has less [...]

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Playa Del Carmen Shopping on the Fabulous 5th Avenue

Playa Del Carmen shopping on 5th Avenue has something for everyone. For some, it is just not a vacation if there is not shopping. Sure Playa del Carmen offers the vacationer a lot sun, water sports and nightlife not to mention cool activities like swimming with Sea Turtles or visiting Cenotes but what about those [...]

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Swim the Beautiful Cenotes of Playa Del Carmen

Visit the cenotes for an unforgettable and unique experience in Playa del Carmen. There are thousands of cenotes throughout the Yucatan Peninsula known as Mexico's Riviera Maya. Cenotes, or natural caves filled with fresh water, formed millions of years ago when limestone caves collapsed. Today visitors can swim and explore these open and underground pools [...]

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Huntsville Walking Tour – Learn More on Foot

Huntsville Walking Tour A Huntsville walking tour is one of the best ways to see and learn about a historic city. Huntsville is a wonderfully walkable city. If you love architecture and history, you will love Huntsville. Huntsville has one of the largest collection of antebellum homes in Alabama. Held every spring and fall is [...]

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A Blast at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville

Dream of Being an Astronaut As I entered the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama , I heard the words of Captain Kirk, “To boldly go where no man has gone before” which was a great prelude for things to come. The US Space and Rocket Center is the largest and most comprehensive space flight [...]

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Amazon Jungle Adventure – Blowguns & Chocolate

THE AMAZON JUNGLE How many people can say they’ve been in the Amazon jungle, I bet not many? On a recent trip to Banos Ecuador, we traveled into a small portion of the Amazon Rainforest. We hired a private tour guide and driver to take us there. As we entered the Amazon border city of [...]

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Famous Volcanic Thermal Baths Banos Ecuador is most famous for its volcanic thermal baths. Banos actually means baths, not bathrooms in Spanish. The waters in Banos range in temperature from 64 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  While many people go to Banos for their beautiful waterfalls and to partake in some adventure sports, ending the day [...]

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Banos An Adventurist Dream  Baños Ecuador, located in the central Andes, is an outdoor adventurist dream. Situated in an area filled with waterfalls and hot springs, Baños is a popular destination for travelers from around the globe. What makes this location so popular with outdoor enthusiasts is the year-round temperate weather. While in Baños you [...]

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Day One Day one of House Hunters International filming is here. HHI always starts with the couple arriving at a hotel. We needed to look as if we just checked in. Our first day began at Mansion Alcazar, a restored colonial Mansion, converted into a luxurious boutique hotel. We did have the option of staying [...]

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