orchid farmThe Orchid Farm (called Ecuagenera) is more than just a place to buy Orchids; it’s a laboratory, gene bank and education center.  This small farm participates in orchid shows and lectures around the world. The hour and a half long tour was enjoyable.  The time and effort that goes into creating hybrid Orchids are amazing.  orchid farmThe grounds were beautiful, and our tour guide (who was an Intern from France) was very knowledgeable.  In addition to the Orchids, there are some tropical plants, fruit trees, and parrots.  You don’t have to be into Orchids to enjoy this tour.  The information and orchid variations will be fascinating to all.   In fact, something I’ll never forget is the key to identifying an Orchid.  Think 3-2-1… 3 Sepals (outermost flower), 2 Petals (innermost flower part) and 1 Column (in the middle of the flower).

orchid 6

orchid farm

orchid 4 orchid 3 orchid 2 orchid 1

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