Archeological Museum, University of Cuenca’s Ancient Relics

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We found this archeological museum after we decided to check out the beautiful School of Medicine building on Dose de Abril near Solano Ave. The Cultural Unit of the University of Cuenca founded the museum in 1999. The museum has about 4,500 pieces but only a handful are displayed. They rotate the exhibits.

archeological museum

Archeological Museum

The grand columns that line the entranceway drew us in to have a look. There it was, a museum we were not expecting to find. The Archaeological Museum of the University of Cuenca is very small, but it contains some beautiful ancient artifacts. Some are several thousands of years old. In the courtyard, there were no downspouts for the rain. Instead, they used heavy taunt chains for the water to follow so that it finds its way to the ground.

It will take about 30 minutes to see the entire exhibit. Best of all, it's free.

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