House Concert Luxury With World Class Musiciains

Only in Cuenca can you have world class musicians play Vivaldi at your house concert party for a small donation of appreciation.

house concert

House Concert

We went to a friends house who hosted one of these events, and it was fantastic. Led by Daniel Brito Acosta (Pianist), Violinist and a Cellist, the trio sounded magnificent. They played for an hour and a half with numbers that included The Four Seasons, Gabriel’s Oboe, The Winter, The Gypsy and Princesa de Czardas.

The Dream

Daniel’s dream is for these type of home concert series events grow and to spread the great culture around that exists in Cuenca. I”m told that these home concerts do happen in the US but only for the upper elite. In Cuenca, anyone that can host 20-30 people can have such an event. Afterward, our friends hosted food and wine for everyone, but some of these are of a potluck type. Each invitee brings a dish. The musicians stick around after and mingle with the guests. We had some great conversation with Daniel, the creator of the concept.

concert 2
house concert

For world-class art check out Miguel Illescas Art Gallery in Cuenca.

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  1. In the United States I’ve been attending house concerts by singer-songwriters and Americana artists since the 1987 or so. Have seen Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Steve Young, Drive By Truckers, David Olney, Robert Earl Keene, Tres Chicas and dozens of others play living rooms in Michigan and North Carolina. Nothing like a real listening room vs. a crowded noisy bar.

    Here are some links about them…

    Google…”how to do a house concert” and there are tons of hits.

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