medical museumThe Medical Museum presents a history of medicine through a selection of antique devices used over the years by doctors, surgeons, dentists, apothecaries and their patients. The entrance to this museum is off of Dose de Abril at the west end of Military Hospital. The museum set-up is informal. You meander through the museum’s vintage equipment without anyone knowing you are there.  Each room contains a different medical discipline such as Dentistry, Surgery, Pharmacy, etc. This place is creepy yet fascinating too. There is a skeleton of a three-year-old boy in one of the cabinets alongside a jar of 12-week old twin fetuses. In the day, all of the objects in this museum were meant to help people, but some of them seem barbarous today.  The museum is free. However, we were approached by an employee to sign the guest book and pay a $1 per person donation.

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Tina has been a public school teacher, a book dealer and most recently a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor. She combines her passions for learning, adventure and people in this blog. She was the author of two newspaper columns on health in CA. Now she is an young retiree living in Cuenca Ecuador fulfilling one her dreams which was to live in another country.

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