Medical Museum, Creepy and Fascinating in Cuenca Ecuador

Medical Museum

The Medical Museum (or more accurately, Museum of the History Society of Medicine) presents a history of medicine through a selection of old devices used over the years by doctors, surgeons, dentists, apothecaries, and their patients. The entrance to this museum is off of Dose de Abril at the west end of Military Hospital. Its location is in a remodeled building that the Sisters of Charity occupied in the 19th century. The building sits next to the St Vicente De Paul hospital. There are more than 1,200 pieces in 14 rooms.

medical museum

Vintage Equipment

The museum set-up is informal. Therefore, you meander through the museum’s vintage equipment without anyone knowing you are there. Each room contains a different medical discipline such as Dentistry, Surgery, Pharmacy, etc. This place is creepy yet fascinating too. There is a skeleton of a three-year-old boy in one of the cabinets alongside a jar of 12-week old twin fetuses. In the day, the museum objects were to help people regain their health, but today, some of them seem barbarous. The museum is free. However, an employee approached us to sign the guest book and asked us to pay a $1 per person donation.

medical 1b

medical 1c Nmedical 1d

Not too far from the Medical Museum is the Archaeological Museum of the University of Cuenca

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